• Do you do shipping?

→ Yes. To Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. Express shipping is not available for pre-orders.

• What if I can’t come in for a one-on-one consultation?

→ Online video consultation is provided. To ensure quality and customer satisfaction the Consultation session is an essential element.

• Can I send a picture of what I want and you tell me the price so I don’t have to come to the consultation?

→ No because you still have to pay for a consultation for CF to provide good quality.

• How do I take correct measurements?

→ Click here for guidelines. You need a measuring tape and someone to help you.

• Can I exchange/return my order if it does not fit?

→ Unfortunately, we do not take returns on custom made clothing due to it being fitted to your measurements. But rest assured you will not want to return your custom-made order.

• I want to collaborate with or model for CF. What do I do? 

We currently do not hire paid models but we will do so in the future. If you still want to expand your portfolio with us please do contact us:
Use subject 'Collaboration' to cynthiadesignss@gmail.com (yes wie double S).
Note you need to be able to travel to Vienna/Austria.


Thank you for trusting CbC.